Joint Statement

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
American Institute in Taiwan
Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Taipei Office

Joint Statement on the 5th Anniversary of the Global Cooperation and Training Framework

On June 1, 2015, the Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF) was established to provide a platform through which Taiwan could contribute to global problem solving and share its expertise with partners across the region. Taiwan’s frequent exclusion from international bodies has largely deprived the world of its humanitarian assistance, technical know-how, and rich experience as a democratic success story. GCTF workshops have allowed Taiwan to partner with the American Institute in Taiwan, and as of last year, the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, to share its expertise with countries across the Indo-Pacific and around the globe.

On the fifth anniversary of the GCTF, we are proud to celebrate the many ways that this platform has addressed critical global challenges and built the capacity of government officials, private sector actors, and civil society. Together, we have provided extensive training to hundreds of participants representing dozens of countries from every region. Training has covered a diverse collection of topics, such as public health, energy security, disaster relief, law enforcement, media literacy, and women’s empowerment.

To further strengthen this trilateral partnership, we will seek greater cooperation in the following areas:

  • Expand the frequency, size, and scope of the GCTF workshops, including holding more events outside Taiwan;
  • Expand the depth and breadth of participation from like-minded countries, including co-hosting programs;
  • Establish a GCTF task force under the Department of North American Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the GCTF Secretariat;
  • Establish the GCTF Alumni Network to build and expand networks and organize reunions for former GCTF participants.

We are proud of what we have accomplished over these past five years, but our work is far from finished. We look forward to continuing and expanding this partnership that has benefited so many people around the world.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu
American Institute in Taiwan
Director Brent Christensen
Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Taipei Office
Chief Representative Hiroyasu Izumi

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