GCTF Workshop on Achieving 50-50 in the Indo-Pacific Region: Empowering Women Leaders

Remarks by Vice Minister Miguel Li-jey Tsao for GCTF  Workshop on Achieving 50-50 in the Indo-Pacific Region: Empowering Women Leaders

December 10, 2018

Director Christensen,
Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder,
Vice Director Ms. Huang,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good morning!
It is my pleasure to attend the opening ceremony of the GCTF Workshop on“Achieving 50-50: Empowering Women Leaders in the Indo-Pacific Region”. On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all participants. 
I would also like to thank Foundation of Women’s Rights Promotion and Development for hosting this event and the American Institute in Taiwan for rounding up outstanding and inspiring women leaders from 14 countries across the Indo-Pacific region.
Today is Human Rights Day, marking the 70th year since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was inked in 1948. On this special day, I thank you all for joining us here in Taiwan to discuss how we can further enhance women’s rights and opportunities, and share with your concerns, insights and expertise.
Three years ago, in 2015, Taiwan and the U.S. jointly initiated the Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF). The GCTF not only demonstrates Taiwan-US partnership in the Indo-Pacific region, but also reflects our commitments to engaging in cooperation and training on global issues ranging from humanitarian aid, public health, and women empowerment.
In the aspect of women empowerment, Taiwan has made a great leap after years of endeavor. One of the significant indicators is women’s leadership and political representation. Our President Tsai is the first female president elected in 2016 after our first female Vice President Annette Lu was elected in 2000. Also in our Legislative Yuan, a total of 43 female lawmakers in 113-member legislature hit a record high, accounting for 38%, which is the highest in Asia. Another strong showcase just came out last month, 7 female candidates out of 22 prevailed in our local mayoral and county magistrate elections. 
We have achieved some in advancing women’s rights and opportunities, and there is more that we can work together. As the Indo-Pacific region is becoming the engine of global economic growth, we are looking forward to more women leadership in both public and private sector in the Indo-Pacific region.
Once Again, welcome to Taiwan. I wish this workshop a great success and hope you enjoy your stay here.
Thank you!

GCTF  Workshop on Achieving 50-50 in the Indo-Pacific Region: Empowering Women Leaders